BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) – People in Bangor woke up to find they had to dig out of more than 15 inches of snow Wednesday morning, including workers at Darling’s Honda.

Crews worked throughout the night to keep the parking lot of the car dealership cleared before starting the daunting task of brushing heavy snow from hundreds of cars.

"Honestly, just how slow it's going to be, and how much snow they have in front of them,” Tyler Jones said as he pushed snow off of car. “We’re just trying to get them out and having the plow truck come through.”

Jones and three other workers were out bright and early shoveling and scraping the heavy snow as it continued to come down.

They said it would likely take more than a day to get to all of the cars at the dealership.

“Take a look at the car and then imagine it 100 times,” Jones said. “I mean it gets pretty irritating, but I don't think it's going to hurt you to do one car."

Most schools were closed in the Bangor area with City Hall set to open at noon. Back roads were in rough shape as crews focused their efforts on major routes. Interstate 95 in the Bangor area was relatively clear.

The Queen City definitely took a big hit from this storm, but it still paled in comparison to areas that saw more than 20 inches.

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