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SpaceX seen moving across the Maine skies

Mainers all over the state saw the rocket, but what caused it?

MAINE, USA — Editor's note: The video attached to this story was published Sept. 12.

Seemingly out of nowhere, SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket lighted up the dark Maine sky Saturday night. Since then, it has raised a lot of questions. 

Credit: Grace Ziehnert

Mainers all over the state spotted the latest SpaceX rocket launch.

Credit: Greg Koller

The images were stunning no matter where in Maine you were looking up from. 

Credit: UGC

Some Mainers asked if it was a meteor. Asteroid? Aliens?

Credit: Jenna Leeman Newcastle ME

None of the above. So what was that white, sometimes blue, teardrop in the sky?

Credit: Amy Hayden Gabby Ball

Falcon 9 is SpaceX's latest rocket launch from Florida's Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. We saw it here in Maine because the exhaust from the rocket froze when it got higher in the sky. Once the exhaust from the rocket gets into the higher parts of the colder sky, it freezes, and you get to see it after sunset. The rocket safely landed in the Atlantic Ocean after completing its mission. 

Did you see the rocket last night over Maine?
Let me know, and post your picture on my Facebook page. 

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