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Saturday storm still on: Let's have a map now

It's still four days out, but I think it's worth a shot.
Credit: ncm

MAINE, USA — I will keep this brief because I was a science/math major, and I'm no Stephen King.

The storm is still on for Saturday.

There have been wobbles, shifts, etc., in the past 24 hours, but nothing that leads me to believe this storm will suddenly disappear. 

So, in the style of a man who LOVES to get bombarded on Twitter by people with four followers and no profile picture, I'm going to take an early shot at a snowfall map.

Credit: ncm

Now, what could change? I think the most significant question mark is western Maine and the mountains. Right now, I have them in a lower range of six to 10 inches, but if the EURO model is right ... they, too, get crushed.

Credit: ncm

However, I didn't include them in that 10- to 20-inch zone because I don't think we can neglect/ignore the slightly more progressive solution presented by the GFS model. That looks more like this:

Credit: ncm

It's still a good-looking storm for sure, but that nudge east would make it a bit harder to stack it up across western Maine and the mountains. So, I'm going to put them on standby for now.

It's also worth noting it will likely be QUITE windy along the coastline, perhaps over 50 mph, so we will have to keep an eye on that.

This map will change, I'm sure. But based on how impactful this storm is likely to be, I think there continues to be value in these "early calls."

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Carson out.

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