BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's been one month Exactly since that February Blizzard crippled the state of Maine and even forced Maine Department of Transportation in Eastern Maine to pull it's plow drivers off the road for about an hour or so during the height of the storm.

"That was an extreme of end it would be unusual to have two of those events for weeks apart if it is that bad we will deal with it we always do," explained Steve Thebarge, the Region Manager for the Maine Department of Transporation's Eastern Maine Region Office in Bangor.

"Well that was a pretty severe storm for sure I don't ever remember it's snowing it that hard for that long a period of time," Explained Bangor Public Works Director Dana Wardwell. Wardwell, said during the last storm he paired up his plow trucks for safety due to poor visibility conditions. His 42 workers couldn't keep up as the snow dropped several inches an hour on the City's 193 miles forcing them to prioritize on major arteries such as State Street, Broadway, Ohio Street, Stillwater Ave, and Hammond Street.

"So we have three categories of streets that we take care of first there's a main arteries second is collector streets and third are the residential streets," he said. Collector streets are the roads that collect and bring people from residential roads to major arteries.

In Bad storms Brewer Public works must prioritize too. There's only 13 workers plowing 63 center line miles. In big storms they focus on major roads such as North and South Main Streets, Wilson Street, and Parkway North. Instead of getting street sweepers ready for spring cleanup here, they're getting plow trucks ready again. And They're hoping that this storm goes a little smoother than the last.

"We actually had a couple situations where where they were cars there either abandoned or parked in the middle of the road and the driver couldn't see it until it was almost right on top of it so it makes it very dangerous," explained David Cote, Brewer Public Works Director.

The one thing every single public works department says will greatly increase safety and speed up the process of clearing roads, is if everybody stays off the roads during the storm if at all possible.