OLD ORCHARD BEACH (NEWS CENTER Maine) — There have been plenty of good beach days so far this summer, but lifeguards say the number of rescues to date is relatively low.

They're now prepared for the chance that may change heading into the weekend, as Hurricane Chris sends swells our way.

"We're going to be getting three to four foot waves potentially," Mike Peterson, a Lifeguard Assistant Captain, told us.

While waves of this size are not unusual, the threat of rip currents is increasing for the first time this season.

The worst decision a swimmer can make is fighting a rip current directly. "We have had people in the past that are not even aware they are in one. They start to swim for a while and the shore never gets any closer. Eventually you wear yourself out," Peterson said.


Instead, the best way to break out of a rip current, is to swim out and parallel to the shore.