PORTLAND, Maine — Snow in May isn't completely unheard of, but that probably doesn't make this news any easier.

Just three years ago, snow blanketed Aroostook County on May 16. 

In Southern Maine, it's a totally different story.

Snowfall records in Portland date back to the 1870s. The latest measurable snow has been recorded is May 11; 7 inches fell in 1945.


The County has been coated as late as Memorial Day weekend.

But this year feels different, and the calendar shows why.

It's snowed in Maine each of the last eight months.

The first accumulating snow was on October 24, in the western mountains.

By November 16, the coast got into the action, with over 6 inches of snow in Portland.

Tuesday makes it 202 days from the first flake to (possibly, hopefully) the last, one of the longest stretches we've seen.

In Portland, all that's needed is one-tenth of an inch to make it the latest on record.

To be honest, that'll be a real challenge in Portland, but the fact that we're considering it a possibility is impressive.