PORTLAND, Maine — Portland will be welcoming cruise ship passengers with open arms this weekend, as they come to a city that wasn't on their original itinerary. The city of Portland said three ships are being diverted to the city this weekend. They said two ships will stay for the day, and another will stay for two nights. The city is expecting more than one thousand people.

"I'm hoping they're not bummed they're going to their original destination," said Andrew Gerry, owner of The HighRoller Lobster Co.

Gerry said they keep track when cruise ships are coming for the summer and fall. Although they weren't planning for this, Gerry said it isn't going to affect them too much, other than boosting business.

"We're used to getting sizable cruise ships here in port and a good chunk make their way up Exchange Street." said Gerry.

The harbormaster said one of the ships was supposed to go to the Bahamas. The city said the three ships are from the companies Norwegian, Regent Seven Seas, and Scenic USA. We reached out to them for comment but have not heard back. Norwegian is pledging to help those affected by the hurricane. 

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