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Hail damages crops at a Sanford farm

Thousands of crops were damaged at Lavigne Strawberry Farm in Sanford

SANFORD, Maine — Lavigne Strawberry Farm in Sanford took a beating from Tuesday’s hail storm.
Owner Albert Lavigne said the farm was getting ready for people to pick their own blueberries next week, but that will no longer happen.

The hail bruised more than half of the blueberries which has a value of $20,000.

Blueberries weren’t the only crop damaged. The farm also lost two acres of pumpkin crops. Lavigne said it’s too late in the season to replant.

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“It’s very discouraging. Of course in farming, there’s a lot of ‘you’ll be better next year. You always look forward to next year.’ Well, this is one of those years,” Lavigne said.

Lavigne said he does not have crop insurance.