It's pretty incredible how quickly the snow has disappeared from the mountains and north over the last week.


Current Snow Depth

One Week Ago:

Snow Depth a Week Ago

Despite the snow melt and the recent rainy weather, we've been able to avoid significant flooding issues along our rivers.  In fact, many, like the Androscoggin River, have crested and are now receding back into their banks after inundating several adjacent roads and low-lying areas.

Rivers are now receding

While this is good news, we aren't out of the woods yet. More rain is in the forecast over the next few days. There are a few signs that a more significant rain producer may evolve Friday night into Saturday morning.  The magnitude of the rain hinges on the amount of phasing between the northern and southern jetstreams.

Limited phasing: weaker storm, less rain.

Limited Phasing

Complete phasing: Stronger storm, heavy rain.

Complete phasing

We are still waiting on new information later today to determine the impacts. But if you live along flood-prone rivers and streams be prepared for more rising water.

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