For the third time this season, a Blizzard Warning has been issued for the entire Maine and New Hampshire coastline.

The storm is currently located off of Nantucket and still strengthening. It'll bomb out around 970mb by later today when it enters the Gulf of Maine. That's equivalent to a Category Two hurricane. Like it's cousins before it, an eye will likely form.

Here's a look at the timing:







Snow amounts will hit double digits for the second storm in a row. Generally a foot to a foot and a half can be expected.

It has a chance to be the largest storm of the season. Bangor's biggest was 18.4" back on January 4th and Portland's was 15.7" last week. The jackpot areas will likely come in from Eastern Maine or the Western Maine Mountains and it wouldn't shock me if it's around 20". The mid-levels will cut-off and anchor over Maine tonight and tomorrow, keeping the snow going and making this a two day storm. When it comes to shoveling, pace yourselves, this will be a marathon not a sprint.

The snow will not be as clingy or wet as the last storm, it will have a more "normal" consistency. However, the wind alone may be enough to snap limbs creating power outages. The wind will peak from noon to midnight.

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Todd Gutner

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