The big day is here! We're talking snow on Christmas Day! This is the first Christmas Day snowstorm to hit the area in 15 years! Let's talk timing and totals.

MORNING (6AM - 10 AM): Snow will continue to move in from southwest to northeast across Maine. It will become heavier at times with steadier snow bands. Travel will be difficult. Temps stay in the upper teens and lower 20s. This will make the snow easy to stick to surfaces. Please be careful if you need to be out. It will be breezy, too.


AFTERNOON: (11AM - 3 PM): Steady pockets of moderate to sometimes heavy snow will continue to move through parts of the state, especially Central, Northern, and Downeast Maine. This is a quick moving storm. Areas across Southern Maine will start to see the snow let up into the early and mid afternoon. It'll continue to stay breezy, with winds picking up just a little bit more. Winds could gust anywhere between 25-35 MPH.

LATE PM/EARLY EVENING: (4PM - 8PM): Snow showers will continue to quickly head northeast and out of the area. A few lingering snow showers into Northern and Downeast Maine are still possible. It'll still stay breezy, too.

Here is another look at totals for today:

Here is a different look at snow chances for today:

Have a Merry Christmas and safe holiday!-Cory