Rain tonight starts changing to freezing rain and sleet very early tomorrow morning. The changeover will start in Northwestern Maine.

Early Saturday Morning: Central Maine will start mixing with freezing rain and sleet.

Late Saturday Morning: Some icing at the coast with snow finally starting in far Northwestern Maine.

Early afternoon: Precipitation ends quickly with snow lingering in Northern Maine.

Remember, "Sleet pings, freezing rain clings." No, I didn't make that up, but I wish i did. Sleet is tiny balls of ice, it's not great to drive on; it's pretty similar to snow. Freezing rain is the worst. It looks like rain as it falls but once it hits the surface it sticks to everything. You know those pictures of branches just coated in ice? yea, that's freezing rain. Awful.

Everything will freeze solid overnight into Sunday too as temperatures drop into the single digits. Do as much clean up as you can Saturday afternoon.

Have a safe weekend!