Well, at least the wicked cold temperatures will take a break for a day or two. Highs tomorrow will make it into the 20s ahead of a storm that'll start Thursday morning.

But Thursday and Friday will bring some excitement to the weather nerds of NEWS CENTER Maine :) Here's the deal:

Winter Storm Watches are up for all of Maine. If this was last winter Blizzard Watches would have likely been issued for part of the state (Downeast Coast and possibly Midcoast) but Blizzard Watches are no longer a thing (as in they do not exist anymore), so everyone is under a Winter Storm Watch. Some of us will likely reach blizzard criteria. I know, it's a little confusing.

Snow won't be falling for most of us by the morning commute, but by the evening, we'll all be seeing snow, and for some, it could be heavy. Here's the timeline:

6am Thursday: Snow just starting for far Southern Maine. Fine, this is winter, we can deal.

9am Thursday: Many of us starting to see light snow. Ok, time to find the shovel. (Hint: It's probably frozen.)

Noon Thursday: Some moderate to heavy band possible at the coast. Wind picking up too. You probably should have gotten more milk to go with that Allen's.

3pm Thursday: Moderate to heavy snow at the coast and into interior Maine. Winds starting to gust 40-50 mph. Lights will be flickering for some. The worst, I know. Just preparing you for reality.

The winds will also pick up. That is an understatement. The winds will be ripping along the Downeast Coast, Gusts to 55-60 mph are possible. Unfortunately, that means power outages are possible too. If you do lose power and you don't have heat you will need to make arrangement to get somewhere that does have heat. Temperatures will plummet behind this storm.

By Thursday night and into early Friday, it'll be moderate to heavy snow as the low sits off the Maine coast. Some of us will be peaceful inside our snowglobe and some will be sleeping at Aunt Sue's house just to stay warm.

But of course, you wanna know how much. Most of us will be in the 6-12" range with far eastern locations passing the one foot mark.

If you have questions, just ask us. We're here.