Think of those nice July days, about 75°, you're walking along the beach and you think, "Wow, Maine is the best place in the world." Well, welcome to Tuesday, March 13th, where the snow is measured in feet and the temperatures don't really matter (as long as they stay at/below about 32°). One week from Spring and we're about to get a whole lotta snow.


Wicked early this morning (Tuesday) (3-4 AM): Snow starts in Southern Maine.

Early-ish/some people call this the morning commute (7-8 AM): Snow moving into Central Maine. Roads in Southern Maine getting slick.


Late morning (10-11 AM): Bangor, Bar Harbor, it's coming for you.

Lunch (12-1PM): If you can leave work early, do it. Yes, I'll sign the note if your boss really wants to give me that power :) Millinocket, it's starting in your hood too.


Suppahtime (4-5 PM): It's snowing pretty much statewide now.


Bedtime: Still snowing.

Snow will continue overnight and most of us will still be seeing snow for the Wednesday morning commute. Yes, your kids might have two days in a row (or at least 1.5 snow days). Wicked sorry about that.

At least winds should be too bad in this one. Peak gusts around 35-45 mph at the coast should hopefully keep power outages to a minimum.

Totals are substantial though. Here's the map.


Just remember, if you're waiting on summer, it's really not that far away, and you know it'll be glorious, because we live in Maine and it's the best place in the world.

Have a good day. Stay safe.