It's great to get snow around the holidays, but it certainly isn't good for getting the last minute gifts and traveling to Grandma's house.

The snow will begin later this morning and will instantly stick to roads.

The snow intensity will pick up during the afternoon and I'm expecting 1-3" of snow by the evening. The combo of snow and extra cars on the road due to the holidays, could result in one of those epically bad evening commutes...plan accordingly.

The snow will continue through the night and another 1-3" will fall. We will likely have a lull in the precip for a few hours early tomorrow morning before the next wave of precip arrives.

When the next round starts falling, cold air will be locked over Maine at the surface, warmer air will have worked in aloft and we are going to see a lot of ice. There will be a solid glaze coating everything including powerlines and limbs. At this time, along with hazardous travel conditions, I can't rule out power outages. The ice and rain will stop around midnight.


The Christmas Day storm is looking colder, no mixing, just snow. The question is how much? My early thoughts are for several inches...maybe 6-ish. The highest amounts will be along the coast.

Check back for updates, be careful and Happy Holidays!Todd Gutner -