Snow will continue Friday night, and because of the cold temperatures, it will be generally light and fluffy. Total accumulations will largely fall around 5" with isolated higher amounts in western Maine and near Augusta.

By early Saturday morning we may get a bit of a break in the precipitation, but it won't be long-lived and the next batch that moves in will be freezing rain as cold air stays stuck at the surface.

The ice/rain battles wages through the day with freezing rain ending by late Saturday afternoon in most spots, with the exception of far northern Maine.

Total ice accretion amounts will be 1/4" to 1/3" which is JUST below the major ice storm threshold of 0.5." Not much wiggle room, but we should make it.


We get a break on Sunday, during which time you can run out to the store last minute and buy me a nice smedium suit. (38R)

But a plowable snow amount is looking more and more likely for Christmas Day itself with snow moving in EARLY on Christmas and lasting until the evening.

This is my first shot at a map for the event, but be easy on me since I'm dealing with another storm right now and it's 3 days away...

Carson Out.