Up until a few days ago I'd been silent on the topic of Jose because, well, I've been on vacation in Greece and ain't nobody got time for that.

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(Side note: Despite 8 days in Greek sunshine, as of this morning Gutner was STILL more tan than me...I find this suspicious to say the least. #FakenBake)

Long story short, I've never been very impressed by Jose and that hasn't changed. Especially based on the latest satellite presentation of storm:

Notice that as opposed to Irma, Jose is very asymmetric with a large "comma head" on the northern side. This is a tell tale sign that Jose is undergoing transition from a tropical system to a mid latitude cyclone...much like a Nor'easter.

Furthermore there are obvious signs of dry air entrainment on the eastern flank of the storm, weakening it rapidly.

In short, Jose:


The track of Jose is slightly bizarre and a product of an upper atmospheric log jam. The storm will approach Southern New England, stop around Cape Cod and then actually retrograde back southward by Thursday.

That means for Maine Jose never gets into the Gulf of Maine which, as you know, is where storms do most of their damage for us.

Impacts for Maine:

I think for the vast majority of us Jose will be just an annoyance bringing increased cloud cover, periods of rain and some gusty winds. Even at the "height" of the event on Wednesday night, wind gust layers stay in the 30-40 MPH range. So I'd consider that strong enough to knock down some limbs, but damage should be very limited.

(Yawn, wake me when it's over)

The major impact from Jose, in my opinion will be for our mariners. Because of the slow movement of the storm it will create several days of BIG seas offshore. That will begin on Tuesday and last through Thursday with swells of 15 feet possible on Wednesday afternoon and evening.


Beach erosion and minor coastal flooding will be another issue with long term piling of water over the span of a few days.

As far as rainfall, amounts will be beneficial but nothing earth shattering.

The whole thing winds down on Thursday with some sun possible by mid-day.

So, overall Jose is not a big deal; I guess maybe my radio station buddies should stick to keeping up with my constant Biebs requests...

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