Happy New Year! Since we last spoke, we've endured one of the harshest stretches of weather in recent memory. Maybe in just memory, period. As I raked through data this morning, it quickly became apparent that we have a long way to go.

This impressive cold snap is going to ease a bit over the next couple of days. But, as it lets up, a storm will threaten us. Strong upper level energy will induce bombogenesis off the East Coast. I've got to say, I'm very nervous about this storm. We are playing with some high stakes here. The current path keeps the worst offshore. But, because it will be so expansive it should still hit us with a decent body blow.


The snow will begin Thursday morning, peak in the afternoon and evening, then taper off Friday morning. A moderately sized snow event is likely, with many receiving either side of 6". Highest amounts will be Downeast where a foot is possible. Along with travel concerns, blowing and drifting snow will make it very difficult to measure. I do want to caution you, any wobble with the track could have a big impact on the current snow amounts. Please check back for updates.

The gust potential with this storm is alarming and the coastline will be most susceptible. Any power outages with this deep freeze could be very dangerous. Best to have a plan in place, if you lose it.

My last concern is for the coastline. The wind and wave action alone will cause a few problems. However, we also have astronomically extra high tides from the recent full moon. Even the smallest storm surge will create minor coastal flooding and anything larger could lead to moderate coastal flooding and bigger problems.

Again, the current track keeps the worst case scenario over the ocean and the storm more manageable. But, any track shift and the threat level escalates.

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