PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Sunday's weather made it a perfect day for a bike ride, or in this case, to go buy a bike at the Great Maine Bike Swap.

The annual event put on by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine featured a variety of used, refurbished bikes at budget friendly costs for interested buyers. About a thousand bicycles, from leisure to sport styles, were available to crowds at the University of Southern Maine Sunday morning. Dozens of people lined up outside early in order to be the first to claim their bicycles. The Bicycle Coalition expected up to two thousand people to show up and get a bike.

"This event encompasses the mission of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine; to make Maine safer for pedestrians and cyclists," said event manager for the Bicycle Coalition, Rob Mueller. "It is core to our mission to get the community out, get them excited about cycling."

Many of those who came out to the event were bicycle enthusiasts, but enthusiasm only gets a cyclist so far without a bike. That was the problem for Portland's Becca Coyne.

"My bike got stolen," Coyne said.

Finding another bike at the swap that had the hybrid capability to take on the street and the trails this summer was a dream come true for Coyne.

"I'm so happy, I walked right in and saw this bike," she said. "I guess it was meant to be."

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine hopes that more people will consider biking as a healthy and green alternative form of transportation.

Any bikes left over from the event were donated to Portland Gear Hub.