MAINE, USA — The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is asking the general public, especially tractor-trailers and heavy trucks, to try and avoid Rt. 179 from Ellsworth to Rt. 9 in Aurora Friday night.  

Several tractor-trailers have been having a hard time getting up over some of the hills in the Osborn/Aurora area, which are causing traffic issues. 

Around 9:45 p.m. Friday night, the Sheriff's office said there is a tractor-trailer stuck on a hill and unable to move forward or backward, which is causing only one lane of travel in this area. 

Deputies are on scene assisting while waiting for a tow truck to arrive and remove the truck. 

DOT has placed a sign alerting trucks to avoid Rt. 179 at the end of North Street in Ellsworth. 

Road crews have also been out plowing and sanding the area as well.

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