AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER Maine) - New software that detects virtually all fake IDs is becoming available to over a hundred restaurants and alcohol retailers across the state.

The Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages is sponsoring a program that will allow 150 alcohol retailers to use "Age ID," an app that identifies fake IDs, free for one year of services.

"Age ID" is downloaded to a phone or tablet. The app scans the barcode of the back of an ID (drivers licenses from all 50 states and some Mexican and Canadian regions) and instantly determines if the person is over 21 and if the ID is real.

Intellicheck, the company that owns the Age ID software, says the app is 99.9% accurate in detecting fake IDs. A test by the New York state DMV backs up that claim. It tested 1,000 fake IDs and 100 percent were proven fake through the software.

An alcohol retailer would normally pay a monthly subscription to use Age ID that could cost up to a few hundred dollars a year. Through the Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages program, retailers now have the opportunity to try it free for a year. There are still openings in the program. If interested, contact