BIDDEFORD (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- The last game of UNE's first varsity football season is this Saturday in Biddeford. It's the end of a historic season, but it's just the beginning of Andrea Gosper's career in football. She's wrapping up her internship with the UNE football coaching staff.

Head Coach Mike Lichten said he was happy to have the senior health sciences major on board this year as part of his team. Andrea is minoring in coaching, and says working with players on such a large roster in many different roles makes her a valuable job candidate.

Though having a female coach on the sidelines is still pretty rare in college football, Andrea says the team has embraced her as one of their own, and that her gender was never an issue for anyone on the team.

Coach Lichten says his players are just looking to get better, and are happy to work with anyone who can help them achieve their goals.

"Andrea has done a tremendous job," says Lichten. "She is very selfless and has the ability to contribute in a variety of ways, in the office, in the weight room, and the way she interacts with our players."

"I don't believe in the whole gender barrier thing," says Gosper. "I think if you love something enough and want to do it enough, you should do it. I went into it with an open mind, and I love it."

You can catch Andrea in action helping the UNE football team live on Saturday, November 10 at noon at UNE's blue storm stadium.