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Sharks fans apologize after Blues got screwed in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final

The overtime goal is the talk of social media.
Credit: Getty Images/ KSDK

ST. LOUIS – It’s what everyone is talking about today…

The St. Louis Blues got screwed in Game 3 of the Western Conference final. Sharks fans also agree with us.

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The Blues tweeted, “They say the goal stands.” And of course, Blues fans were heated, but even Sharks fans had some words in our favor.

‏Balt on Twitter said, ‘As a Sharks fan I want to personally apologize. That goal shouldn’t stand, obviously a hand pass. Good game all around just wish it could end a better way.’ @SkyBalto

That’s a blatant hand pass! Jeffery Middleton said. ‘As a fan who’s rooting for the sharks, that’s a blatant hand pass. It’s a fast game so it’s hard to see, but those calls have to be paid attention to or made reviewable. OT should still be going on right now. Sorry that this had to happen to you guys.’ @jjmid04

Even someone named ‘Hockey jerk’ was on our side. ‘Happy about the win as a Sharks fan but I must say I don’t like the way it all shook out. Definitely a botched call by the refs and the Blues should be up 2-1. You guys majorly outplayed the Sharks after period 1 and should have been rewarded.’ @hockey_jerk

‘As a Sharks fan, this one feels icky. But, lucky for us is isn't a reviewable play.’ @davidcito49

‘Yes me too I'm a Sharks fan and seriously the NHL rules sucks!! They really have to make some changes!!! For sure I want my team to win but not like this! And I have to say this is a very good series! Can't wait until next game!! #Respect The Blues are a really good team! 👍🏻’@Bonespinpin

Nick hates us and he even agreed, ‘I hate the blues but I have to agree that that was an absolute TERRIBLE call. worst call I’ve ever seen.’ @NickFanchi

‘I'm a Sharks fan, but this was really a difficult play to look at.... Anyone think it was to make up for the refs not calling that non-delay of game call in P2...I think...?’ @BianconiNick

WHAT HAPPENED? Lou Korac contributed to the report below

Erik Karlsson's second goal of the game at 5:23 of overtime gave the San Jose Sharks a 5-4 win over the Blues in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final at Enterprise Center on Wednesday.

The Sharks, who took a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 series, scored the game-winner on the most obvious of missed calls by referees Marc Joannette and Dan O'Rourke, along with linesmen Jonny Murray and Matt MacPherson.

Timo Meier, the culprit that should have been whistled for a hand pass, initially shot the puck from the top of the right circle that was blocked by Jay Bouwmeester. Meier dove and got his stick on the puck as Blues defenseman Colton Parayko tried to collect it. The puck popped in the air and Meier, sliding on his knees, clearly bats the puck to the crease, past Bouwmeester onto the stick of Gustav Nyquist. The play should have been whistled there, but none came, and Nyquist made a quick pass to Karlsson, who scored through Jordan Binnington to set San Jose's celebration off.

Joannette was behind net, perhaps with an obstructed view, O'Rourke was nowhere in the picture of the telecast, and both linesmen were nowhere near the play as well.

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