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More 'Adventure' could be coming to Maine's specialty license plate selection

Maine Outdoor Brands is sponsoring its 'Adventure Plate' to help support all outdoor recreation in the state and promote its outdoor economy

MAINE, USA — At every corner of Maine, you'll find a few things. The first being the views.

From Acadia to the Allagash, and from the mountains to the beaches, our state is filled with breathtaking scenes at every turn. And with every turn on the road, you'll spot a different license plate. 

To combine its love for the outdoors and commitment to improving the state's recreational scene, Maine Outdoor Brands is sponsoring the 'Adventure Licisene plate'.

 “There are a lot of ways to be supporting the outdoors and we’re lucky to of course live in Maine and have so many outdoor opportunities as well,” Jenny Kordick, Executive Director of Maine Outdoor Brands, said.

Right now, it costs $25 to register for the plate.

“A portion of the proceeds from every plate would go to efforts to help strengthen Maine’s outdoor recreation economy," Kordic said. 

This plate will also be used to help support outdoor entrepreneurs, Kordic added. 

The ADVENTURE specialty plate provides a way for vehicle owners to show their support for Maine's growing outdoor recreation industry.

"Supporting education and mentoring opportunities for young people in particular in the outdoors and then ultimately also, helping connect people to the outdoors actually getting people outside.”

With so many great backgrounds to choose from, how did plate illustrator Bri Dotsie come up with this design?

“Right, yeah, it was definitely a lot to chose from," she said.

Credit: NCM

“(The Adventure Plate is) bringing some spotlight to the diversity of Maine's outdoor recreation spaces. Something that looked like it can be almost anywhere in the western mountains or foothills, where you can take a canoe, go for a hike, and just breathe a little bit.”

Credit: NCM

Dotsie is a native Mainer and would spend road trips drawing the different license plates she saw on the road, making this a fitting project.

"So I jumped on that, hey I draw stuff," Dotsie added.

She also mentioned the plate can help educate Mainers about the native land we live on today and how to respect our environment and how to properly enjoy its beauty.

The plate needs 2,000 sign-ups before it can be voted on in the Maine Legislature. Kordick is hopeful that the adventure plate will be on cars in 2021.