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Olympic hopeful Kate Hall gets personal about her diabetes

(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- I have known Kate Hall for roughly 7 years. She is an incredible athlete, someone very easy to like, and always greets people with a smile. The one thing I have never known her as is an 'extrovert'.

Kate has decided to write a bi-weekly blog where she opens up about her athletic and personal life which includes being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 10 as well as having celiac disease.

"I've actually done some research on other blogs or articles that others have written whether it's about type 1 diabetes or just being an athlete and I didn't find too much on it so that inspired me to put some information out there so other people can read and hopefully be inspired"

To see Kate's blog, click here: https://katehall2043.wixsite.com/jumpblog

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