PORTLAND, Maine — We all know what happened during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. But Bruins fans say they are ready to turn the page on last season and begin a new one.

"We've been fans for such a long time. We've seen them win, we've been to the parades -- we could never be disappointed in anything they do," said fan Shelagh Starr.

Hundreds gathered at the Boston Bruins Fan Fest in Portland, where they were able to meet coaches, players, and play games.

"I've been a Bruins fan all my life. I'm 53 they're a great team," said Gary Parziale.

NESN play by play Bruins announcer Jack Edwards says it will be hard for the team not to have flashbacks of Game 7. He says it's part of the mental challenge. 

"Physically, all the parts are there to make another deep run. You never can predict how chemistry will unfold, how injuries will take into effect -- but all the parts are in place," said Jack Edwards.

Edwards says the ski is the limit for next season and says Bruins fans are like no other.

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"They take losses really personally, but they get over them, and they forgive quickly," said Edwards.