ST. LOUIS — Some would say it’s impossible to talk sports without bringing up superstitions. And St. Louis Blues fans are convinced their rituals are what will help the team clinch the cup.

On KSDK’s Facebook page, the conversation about game day superstitions ranges from Kelly Freeman’s comment about her family wearing the same shirts to Miranda Wantuck’s husband insisting he sit on one side of the couch during every game.

“Typically throughout the playoffs, I do not shave,” said Blues diehard fan Glen Fuselier.

“My superstitions is my necklace,” said Marla Logan as she rubbed a sterling silver heart pendant. “During the season I have to wear my heart necklace because I wear my heart on my sleeve and for the Blues, it’s been this heart and I haven’t taken it off since the playoffs started! Since the playoffs started!”

And during every series clincher, 4-year-old Owen Kirk has to go to bed during the second period while his 6-year-old brother Alex is allowed to stay up and watch the rest of the game. 

“He’s been up for all three of them,” said dad Zach Kirk. “And even though mom wasn’t overly excited, she understood the purpose and the cause.”

The cause is the Stanley Cup. The ultimate win about 50 years in the making. It’s the reason why Zack Lentz shared a photo of his unwashed gameday jersey on Facebook. It’s why little Olivia must rep a gold shirt when the Blues play. And the cause is why Megan Kircher is not allowed to watch Wednesday.

“I know,” said Kircher and she browsed shirts at the STL Authentics Team Store. “I work all the time. So every time I’m at work I will keep up with the score on Google. And we win! But when I watch the game, when I’m not at work, we end up losing.”

So come game seven Kircher will be “laying upstairs, in bed, away from the TV.”

“It’s crazy how superstition comes about,” says a bearded Fuselier. “But it’s a big part in all sports, I believe.”

At STL Authentics, the day before the last game in the NHL playoffs, a last-minute rush of wishful thinking from hopeful Notes who genuinely believe in something bigger than them.

“And just wish for no penalties and just get that puck in,” said Logan. “I’m hoping for some goals! I’m hoping for it!”

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