PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) — A day after the Philadelphia Eagles captured their first Super Bowl win, the owner of The 5 Spot in Portland made his customers big winners.

Moments after the victory the team's flag began to fly outside the shop Monday morning and customers were invited in for the specialty of the house: Philly cheesesteaks — 70 pounds of steak stuffed into 300 rolls, all of them on the house.

For owner Keith Costello, being a diehard Eagles fan hasn’t been easy – until now, that is.

"Generational heartbreak being an Eagles fan," he said. "Why did I give away all the steak? Because I’m a happy man, I’m happy."

Costello’s shop in Portland has become a gathering place for Philadelphia sports fans, stuck in a place where it’s all Patriots and Red Sox.

"To see this restaurant, The 5 Spot, in the news. There’s Eagle fans in Maine? I was like you got to be kidding me," said Eagles fan Jim Nassif. "It's amazing."

Nassif made the trip here, with his family, from Wells — not just for the free cheesesteak but to be around other like-minded people.

"I’m here today just to be with my Eagle fans and celebrate this enormous win that we had," he said. "Long time coming."

As Costello furiously worked the grill to keep up with demand, he reflected on the past few weeks where he talked up his team and dished out some friendly ribbing to Pats fans. In the end, he says the game lived up to expectations and football fans were the winners, just like his customers on this day when the cheesesteaks were free.

"We just wanted to say thanks. At the end of the day our fan base is Eagles fans and Pats fans," Costello said.

While 300 sandwiches is a lot to give away, Costello said he’s doing OK. He said as word spread about his place, he did some of his biggest business ever in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.