LOS ANGELES (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Baseball fans in Los Angeles are all about the Dodgers right now, but there are a few Red Sox shirts floating around. Four of them belong to the members of the Abromson family.

The Abromsons cheer for Boston from the West Coast. Eric has been doing it since he was a kid growing up in Portland.

“It came from my Mom and Dad," says Eric. "I still remember when I was seven years old and Carlton Fisk hit that homerun. He’s waving, I’m waving, I’m jumping up and down on the couch, it’s midnight, probably way past my bed time.”

Now his family is in Los Angeles and his kids are the ones breaking curfew to catch every moment of this special World Series between Boston and LA. Growing up, Kayla and Eli Abromson were tempted by friends to support the home team, but Dad helped convince them that rooting for the Red Sox is a wise choice.

“Eli asked me early on, ‘Dad, what if I liked another team?’ and I said, ‘Listen, you can like whoever you want, but I’m only buying you Red Sox stuff," says Eli.

Both kids are sporting their Red Sox gear in enemy territory and even jeopardizing their grades to support their team!

“I have this feud with my history teacher,' says 13-year-old Kayla. "He gave me a zero on my test. And he’s like, ‘Oh well, you should have tried harder. And I was like, ‘I didn’t even start!’ And he’s a Dodgers fan. I didn’t even start anything and he gave me a zero. And I’m like, 'Thank you. Thank you.'”

It’s worth it—this family’s love of Boston has brought them closer. They’ve traveled to Fenway, and when the Red Sox visit the Golden State, they make it a point to go. Going to a game means spending time together and making unforgettable memories.

Rooting on the Red Sox is a family affair. Eric says if the Sox win this year, this one is for his Mom.