YARMOUTH (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Yarmouth high school students think Emily Davison's Spanish class is "Muy Bueno!" A few years ago, opportunity came knocking at Davison's classroom door.

"It was a bit intimidating having the Red Sox say, 'Hey! Do you want to work for us?'" says Davison "But it has turned into such an amazing opportunity."

She's now teaching English to baseball players—many of whom are not much older than her high school students. When Davison met Rafael Devers, he was barely 20 years old.

Together, they set goals that would help Devers through his baseball career.

"We'd work on the basics of being able to conduct an interview and the basics of the language," Davison says.

Davison has worked with other Spanish speaking players that have walked the halls of Hadlock. Having someone they can easily communicate with helps players feel more at home in Maine.

"It's like extending an olive branch," says Davison. "I think you can reach people in a different way when you speak their language."

She's built a relationship with Devers that lasted far beyond the end of the season.

"We stay in touch. He's obviously gone way above and beyond and is kind of a busy guy but yeah, it's been a really wonderful experience."