PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- From four years old, all the way up to age 16, boys and girls in the Portland area are going Gaelic.

"The speed of the game just keeps drawing me back every year," says 15-year-old Frank Tierney.

More Maine children are beginning to take notice of the fast-paced games of Gaelic football and hurling.

"Right now we have about 35-40 players in the summer program," says Maine Gaelic Sports Alliance Chairperson James Tierney.

Hurling is like a cross between lacrosse and field hockey, and Gaelic football is a combo of soccer and basketball.

"Really, there's not a lot you can't do with the ball," says James Tierney. "We attract a lot of the kids who may not traditionally fit into a particular sport, but all the sports the kids play fit into ours."

You don't need experience, you don't need equipment and you definitely don't need to be of Irish descent to play. Groups like the Maine Gaelic Sports Alliance can help you learn the ropes. It's a summer sports option that may not come to mind first, but players say once you hit the pitch, you'll be hooked.

The MGSA has a hurling session for those interested in trying the sport on Saturday, May 19 at 10 a.m. at the East Point indoor turf field in South Portland. More information can be found by clicking here.