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Julian Edelman selling 'STAY! TOM 2020' merchandise on his website

The Patriots wide receiver says New England is a Tomocracy. But that Tomocracy could be in danger if Tom Brady looks to go elsewhere in free agency.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Americans often talk about resisting attacks on our democracy. The American democracy is something to be preserved and cherished. It's something we need to hold on to because if we don't, life will never be the same. 

New Englanders are in a unique, regional battle of their own: preserving the Tomocracy that has now become commonplace. Without it, life will never be the same.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman appears to be doing his part. Within the past week, Number 11 has started selling 'STAY! TOM 2020. A QUARTERBACK YOU CAN TRUST' merchandise on his JE11 website.

There have been plenty of celebrities who have made their case for why Brady should come to their favorite team or city, the most recent being UFC President Dana White.

Edelman's endorsement is different. This is one of Brady's teammates and, by all accounts, one of his close friends. Just last weekend, Brady and Edelman's appearance at the Syracuse men's basketball game sparked controversy when ESPN cameras captured Edelman saying, "He's coming back," to which Brady responded either "No he's not," "This guy," "He's got it," or one of the countless other theories Pats fans drummed up in their tortured minds.

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Edelman could keep his mouth shut. He could say nothing publicly, have conversations with Brady privately, and let things play out as they may. However, that's not the path Edelman's taking. So, it begs the question: What does Edelman know that we don't?

He could know that Brady's coming back and thus is trying to make a dime off the fans while the uncertainty is still out there. Even worse, he could know that Brady's NOT coming back and is still trying to make a dime off the fans while the uncertainty still remains. Or, he could know nothing. Regardless, Brady appears to be in on the joke(?).

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As has been made clear a million times, Tom Brady is an enigma. A six-time Super Bowl champion, sure. But an enigma. It's impossible for us to know how much he's told Edelman and it's impossible to know where Brady stands. All Patriots fans can do is sport their 'STAY! TOM 2020' shirts, sip from their 'STAY! TOM 2020' mugs, and hope their Tomocracy remains intact.

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