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Hunting for Bruins fans in St. Louis

Jess Gagne hit the St. Louis streets to find a few fans flying the black and gold flag in the Midwest.

ST. LOUIS — The energy is at all time high in St. Louis. Everything is covered in Blues signage, including buildings, lamp posts and people. Fans jumped in line before 10 a.m. in the hopes of securing a table at a big sports bar. Most are preparing for a historic win and a city wide celebration tonight as the Blues hoist their first-ever Stanley Cup.

Boston fans are not.

There aren't many of them showing off their black and gold outfits, but Jess Gagne was able to spot a few people who are flying the Bruins flag in the Midwest ahead on Game Six.

"I'm proud," says Blake Yoder, a St. Louis native who loves Boston sports teams because of his dad. "I'm a Patriots and Red Sox fan, too, so I get it all the time. I had a beer poured on my head."

Steve Silva of Boston wore a yellow Bruins T-shirt around town on Sunday morning. He blended in well until passers by saw the big "B" written on the front.

"Blues fans are harmless," says Silva. "They're not like Philly fans, let's put it that way. Philly, you know you're the worst."

Game six starts at 8 p.m. EST, and you can watch it on NEWS CENTER Maine.