(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- This is what Tyler Duran, a teacher at Lawrence High School had to say about why he nominated Sierra Weston for the Varsity Club. "She's the epitome of actions speak louder than words. If you give her a task, she's going to do it to the best of her ability and she gets other students motivated just by her actions"

Those actions have served Sierra very well. The cross country runner, swimmer, and lacrosse player is also ranked 5th in her class. She has never had a grad other than an A in any class, since the 4th grade. Last year, as part of the school's History Club, Sierra's group won the National History Day state competition and competed in the nationals in Washington, DC.

"We didn't do real well in the national competition, but it was a lot of fun..We built a new project that was much bigger and it spun, I was proud of it..." said Weston.

Sierra's mom and grandfather both went to West Point and she wound up applying as well and will attend there next fall.