GREENVILLE (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- State Championships in Class B slalom and giant slalom. Shelby Cowin's 2018 title wins were big achievements themselves, but what makes theses feats more amazing is that just one year before she was in the hospital with an ACL injury. With support from her community of Greenville, she was back on her feet and ready to compete her senior year.

"Everyone cheers you on," says Cowin. "Like if you go to the store, they're like, 'Hey, great game the other day! Great ski race! I heard about you in the paper!' It gives you a smile on your face."

Besides being a big deal on the mountain in the winter, Cowin is a force on the field in fall with the soccer team, and tears up the diamond in spring playing softball. Greenville is currently 7-1 and sits atop the Class D South softball standings.

"I was watching her ski and I was talking to her sister some who said softball was really her sport," says Erin Pelletier, Shelby's softball coach. "And I was like, 'Oh, this could be good for us!'"

Despite her high school sports success, Cowin has decided to focus on academics in college. She is attending the University of Maine at Fort Kent and wants to be a pediatric nurse.

"I've grown up with my sister's daughter around the house," says Cowin. "Seeing her grow up and having kids around, it makes me want to work with kids and help them."

Congratulations to Shelby Cowin, the newest member of the Varisty Club!