BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Sarah Hollis is a leader that Bangor students look up to. She's a model athlete on the soccer and basketball teams, a model student in the classroom with a 4.4 GPA, and Cadet Battalion Commander of the Bangor JROTC. She's responsible for 105 JROTC students, guiding them as they put on events in the community like the annual Veterans' Day and Memorial Day parades.

"There are many special teams, color guard, honor guard, that you can get involved with," says Hollis. "Inside the classroom, there's first aid that you learn, finances that you learn. There are many life skills that you do not get anywhere else in the school."

Sarah has set her goals high. She's looking to continue her education at West Point and serve our country in the military. She also plans to keep sports a part of her life.

"I'd like to stay involved in some sort of fitness, whether it be joining a club in the community or going DI at West Point," says Hollis.

Teachers and school leaders know the sky is the limit for this dedicated, organized and exceptional student.

"Bangor High School has may outstanding students, but Sarah stands out far and ahead above everybody else," says LTC Kevin Harris, Senior Army Instructor for the Banogr JROTC. "She's got a lot of quality, a lot of depth of person, and aside from being a great athlete and great student, she's just a great person."

Congratulations to Sarah Hollis, the newest member of the Varsity Club!