PORTLAND, Maine — Richard Joyce works hard for everything he gets. Sporting a 4-point-oh GPA, Joyce is near the top of class, but it wasn't easy to get there.

"I am not the most naturally smart in the classroom, but I try harder than anyone.. I didn't come here to get by... I do everything I can to be as prepared as I can, I can't go into the classroom not prepared for an exam" said Joyce. 

Besides being on the Cheverus golf and basketball teams, Richard spends a lot of time helping take care of his sisters.

"So, I am a triplet, I have a unique situation, I have two identical sisters who have a rare genetic disorder, i think there are only 80-90 cases in the world. To be honest it comes with it's challenges but I wouldn't change any of it. I think I am a better person today because of them in my life"

Richard is hoping to go to Boston College to study business next fall.