MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - This week on Varsity Club we will meet Renee Pelletier, a senior field hockey and softball start at Stearns High School who also excels in the classroom and on the stage.

Pelletier has played field hockey and softball all four of her years at Stearns. She has won two championships with her softball team and last year was named her field hockey team's defensive player of the year.

Off the field Pelletier is also a part of her school's show choir where she dances and sings in competitions throughout the state. She also takes her responsibilities in the classroom very seriously. She is second in her class with a cumulative GPA of 96.64 and her favorite subject is science.

"If I don’t have anything to do after school I am just bored," said Pelletier. "Like I have to do something all the time. No matter if it is studying or going to field hockey or show choir, I always have to do something but education is the most important thing so I always put that first."

Pelletier is still deciding where she wants to continue her college education but she does know that she wants to pursue her doctorate in physical therapy. She would also like to continue to stay just as busy as she continues her education.

“I’d love to play field hockey in college," said Pelletier. "That’s a goal and a dream of mine and I am still working towards that and I really want to play in college.”

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