(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Maguire Anuszewski is busier than most high school seniors. He plays soccer and baseball for the Ramblers and is also an alpine ski racer but since Winthrop doesn't have a team, he hooks up with area schools that do so he can compete. He is also the class Valedictorian, and involved in many clubs and volunteering efforts. On top of that, he takes a class at Bates College and he has a pretty clear vision of what he wants to do when he 'grows up'.

"Neurosurgeon. I want to go to school for neuroscience and from that go to med school and after med school do a residency or fellowship. The human relations and the way that the brain works, there is so much that we don't know about the brain, it is so untapped, so much we don't understand but there is so much to learn and so much to uncover" said Anuszewski.

Longtime Maine ski coach Tim Lavallee has been working with Maguire and is the one who nominated him for this honor. "I'll almost promise you, I won't miss my guess on this one, this young man is going to be successful in everything he wants to do with his life" said Lavallee.

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