(NEWS CENTER)-- Whenever someone complains about how long it takes them to get from place to place, have them chat with Luke Groothoff. The senior at Yarmouth High School moved with his family to Maine from California a few years ago. They live on Chebeague Island so it's a car, then a boat, then a car just to get to and from school each day.

Luke is the leader of the Yarmouth Soccer team and will play in college at one of the top division III schools in the nation, Messiah College. Luke is lethal in the classroom. His grade point average is just over 97, and he scored 1500 on his SAT's. He was also offered multiple division 1 scholarships to play soccer but instead chose Division III Messiah College. The school has won 10 national championships in soccer, it's where his older brother Jonathan goes, and perhaps most importantly...

"I'm very dedicated to my faith and Messiah is a Christian school so that definitely played a part the sort of culture I want to be in, and when I went to Messiah, I felt very comfortable there and that influenced my decision"

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