For the last four years, her name has been one of the most announced over the loud speaker at the high school basketball tournament. Turns out, basketball success is in Kolleen Bouchard's blood.

"My grandfather won a gold ball, my dad won a gold ball, my mom won two," says Bouchard. "I've always been in a sports family. It's just something I've grown up with."

Bouchard has two gold balls of her own from her freshman and sophomore years plaing basketball at Houtlon. She also led her team to the state title game her junior and senior year. Basketball may be her passion, but she's also a talented soccer player, contributing to Houlton's recent on-field success.

"We won the gold ball {in soccer] last season, and every year I've played we made it to a northern regional final," says Bouchard.

Not only is she from a family of athletes, she's also from a family of academics. Her dad is the principal of Houlton High school.

"My mom's a teacher too," says Bouchard ."So I'm school oriented and sport oriented completely."

Add community oriented to that list as well. Helping out Houlton kids is something Kolleen loves to do.

"She coaches youth sports. She does a lot with basketball and soccer in the summertime with kids," says Bruce Nason, Houlton's Athletic Director. "She does a great job leading by example."

"I like to be a good role model to the younger kids. I know they look up to me and they're big fans, so just showing up to their games and showing support is pretty important to me," says Bouchard.

Bouchard plans to play basketball and pursue a business-related degree and Bentley University, the same school her brother attends.