BELFAST, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - At any time of year, you can catch Belfast Area High School's Kelsey Mehuren on the field hockey field or the track. The three sport athlete is a captain of the Lions' field hockey team, and indoor and outdoor track teams.

Along with being a star athlete Mehuren is also a member of the National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society. She puts in hard work both on the field and in the classroom, believing that excelling in both places will make her a stronger student and athlete.

“Good grades, great playing time, and getting into good colleges," said Mehuren. "I put a lot of effort into what they should be.”

Mehuren has a deep passion for helping people. Her math teacher Diana Leighton is impressed with her willingness to give back while also balancing a very busy extra-curricular schedule.

“On the first day in study hall. She came up to me and offered to be my teachers assistant and helped me with running off papers, or doing some computer work, or any little things that I needed," said Leighton. "Just out of the kindness of her heart while she’s also playing full time varsity field hockey and doing all of the other things that she is responsible for.”

Next year Mehuren will continue her field hockey career at the University of Maine while also pursing her career goal of becoming an occupational therapist. She wants to make her passion of helping others a career.

“I want to be an occupational therapist just like my mom," said Mehuren. "It is helping people with a disability to get back into their regular lives. It is very important. I love helping people and then always in return people help me too. So I like to give back."

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