(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- You might say that at least part Jonah Sautter's path was paved by his parents long before he could walk. His parents were both collegiate basketball players and they are both teachers. Therefore it's no surprise that Jonah is a 4 year starter on the hardwood and ranked 5th in his class academically.

"Once I have gotten older, I've definitely grown to appreciate how much they're there for me whether that's sporting wise. working to better my game so that I can be successful in my goals or in the classroom where they're getting after me to do my homework or my assignments done on time, now that I am a senior it's something that I definitely appreciate"

Jonah will go to U-Maine Farmington to pursue a career as a Physical Education teacher. He is getting a little of that experience now helping out with the school's unified basketball team as a student coach.

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