BIDDEFORD (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Gracie Martin wasn't positive which of her sports passions to pursue in high school. Her family is a softball family -- Gracie's sister Erin currently plays for USM -- but at the end of her freshman year, after winning a state championship with the Biddeford high softball team, Gracie decided her future was in basketball.

"I went to my parents and said, I think I want to play college basketball," says Martin. "They were like, 'Okay... ' My Dad was pretty heartbroken, but he was proud of me for making the decision."

It's a decision that paid off in a big way. Gracie's stellar grades and on-court talent caught the attention of Harvard.

"I went to their elite camp in June, which is where they really saw me. An hour after the camp, they called me on the way home and they offered me," says Martin. "It just felt great, my whole family was in the car and they're very supportive of me."

Gracie' has one more basketball season as a Tiger before she heads to Cambridge. Her impact on the court is clear, but it's her positive impact on the Biddeford community that her coach is most proud of.

"She goes back to the visit days at St. James where she started school and all the girls look up to her," says Biddeford girls basketball head coach Katie Herbine."She works our camp, she works the clinic, she's out in the community and she gives all these girls something to look up to."

Martin could've played basketball at a private high school, but says choosing to stay and play in her hometown was the best decision for her.

"This is such a great school and a great environment to be around," says Martin. "I'm so happy that I stayed here and I can do this for the community and move on to Harvard for them."

Congratulations to Grace Martin, the newest member of the Varsity Club!