HODGDON, Maine — Jumping in is what Dylan Jurson does. He gets involved with whatever groups he can. In sports, he's a leader on the soccer and basketball teams. In school, he's a part of the National Honors Society and JMG. And in the community, he has a part time job and gives back to local programs like a group called "Just for Boys."

"Every Summer there is a day camp at my church that helps kids who don't have the strongest family backgrounds," says Jusron. "They send us off with 30 boys every day, all the guy volunteers, and we do dude stuff all day. It's fun and we teach them about life lessons they might not learn."

Jurson also got a jump start on college. He has already racked up 39 college credits toward his computer science degree that he will be completing at NMCC in Presque Isle.

"It's the way of the future," is what Jurson says about computer science. "That's why I chose it."

Jurson's future is bright, but that's not enough— he wants to make sure all Hodgdon kids have a level head on their shoulders and the help they need to succeed. 

"He definitely tries to reach out to the younger students, younger players, whether its in the classroom or on the soccer field or on the basketball court," says soccer coach Jason Little. "He just wants to help them out, help them grow, and teach them the skills that he has that he would like to pass on to younger generations."

Jurson is setting up other Hodgdon Hawks to fly as far as he has.

Congratulations to Dylan Jurson, the newest member of the Varsity Club!