(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Throughout high school, Bailey Girsa has been a bit of an over-achiever. She has finished her required classes early so that she had time to take advanced courses. Last year she completed two college classes and will be taking four more college classes this year. Her GPA of 95.87 has Bailey ranked 8th in her class. She's in the National Honor Society as well as the National Technical Honor Society.

"It was always like I want to do my best to impress my parents and impress my family and see how far I can get myself to go" said Girsa.

Bailey has already been accepted to three colleges and plans to go into nursing, in fact, she already has her CNA certification. "I had clinical's in the nursing home and I fell in love with it. The old people there just made me happy and put a smile on my face as soon as I walked in, and I said this is what I want to do"

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