WESTBROOK, Maine — The more things change, the more they stay the same at Westbrook High School. Last year, Maddison LeBeau who played field hockey for the Blue Blazes, was inducted into the Varsity Club and went on to play field hockey at St. Anselm College.

Fast forward to now and Avery Tucker is this weeks Varsity Club inductee and will also be going to St. Anselm College to play field hockey. Her life goal is to end up in education and she currently hones those skills working with the big brothers big sisters program as well as being a peer mentor for the school's unified basketball team.

"It definitely brings some perspective to the table. Just seeing some of the things they have to go through and then they come to unified basketball and it's really awesome and it's rewarding to see that you can make such an impact on a group of people" said Avery.

If you know someone who would make a good Varsity Club candidate, send an email to: VarsityClub@NEWSCENTERMaine.com