PITTSFIELD (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Winning a state title your senior year is one thing, and scoring three goals in the championship game is another. Addi Wiliiams of MCI accomplished both.

Even before she got out of kindergarten, she knew field hockey was her sport.

"I've been playing field hockey since I was five years old," says Williams. "It's just been in my blood. Both my parents are really athletic. My Dad played college athletics."

Addi is going to be a college athlete as well. Her passion for the game and her dedication to her school work got her into Endicott College, where she will play field hockey and pursue a nursing degree.

"I want to become a nurse practitioner and hopefully work in the NICU or labor and delivery," Williams says.

When she's not on the field or hitting the books, Addi is busy making beautiful music.

"I've been a part of Vocal Jazz Caravan for four years, and this year we won states," Williams says. "We also won the biggest high school jazz fest in the nation, so that was really exciting."

Addi is not just a champion, but a leader as well. Her teachers and coaches point to her as an example for younger MCI students.

"People gravitate to her," says Jim Leonard, MCI's Athletic Director. "She always gives 110%. She's got a lot of talent, and she gets every bit out of that talent. She works hard for everything."

All that hard work has paid off. Congratulations to Addi Williams, the newest member of the Varsity Club.