PORTLAND, Maine — It's not everyday you see women playing tackle football, but these women are pushing through that stigma. 

"It's a shock to almost everyone that I talk to. They kind of question it, like oh what is it a powder puff league? I'm like it's full tackle," said player Hannah Fye.

Maine Mayhem is the only professional women's football team in the state. It plays against other teams from across the country, and plays by NCAA rules.

"It's a great game for confidence, for team camaraderie. There's no other team like it," said captain Alicia Jeffords.

Saturday the team held a tryout. It hopes to add to its nearly thirty player roster.

"They are athletes, they are football players. A lot of people say well they are women they can't play tackle football. Well, that's not the case," said head coach Bryant Oja.

This year will be the team's fifth season. Its goal is to win the national championship, and it is not letting anything stop them, including a baby. Player Hannah Fye had a little boy three months ago. She is already back out on the turf, proving women can do anything.

"Having a baby does not hold you down. You get back at it at your own pace and go from there, one day at a time. Find what you love and do it up," said Fye.

The Mayhem Girls of Fall program keeps growing!! These athletes are ... breaking barriers in football and Maddison is one of those athletes! She loves this sport and loves playing it!! You are amazing Maddison!! Players Name: Maddison Age: 10 Position(s) played: Quarter back, running back, corner Jersey Number: 52 Grade: 5th School/Team playing for: Bonny Eagle Number of years playing football?

The team is like a family. For many of them, the love of football is what keeps them going, one catch at a time.

The team has a number of tryouts before their season starts in April. They play four home games and four away games.

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