AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- The most important thing in Grace Kenney's life is spending time with family.

"I now have 11 great-great grandchildren," Kenney says.

The 104-year-old Mainer has photos posted all over her walls. In her house, family and Patriots football go hand in hand.

"We talk and cheer them on," she says.

Kenney became a football fan when her son, Meylon Kenney, played at Cony high school in the 1950's.

"My mom would be sitting in the top row as close to it as she could get," Meylon Kenney says.

Now, she uses her passion for the game to bring her family close together, dressing up the dogs and sporting her Tom Brady jersey at parties. Why does she love the quarterback so much?

"He's an excellent player," Kenney says. "He's a very human type person, he doesn't do a lot of talking about himself. He gives other people much credit."

104 years old, and ready to watch the Patriots take home another title with her family by her side.

"Football is my favorite," she says. "But I love the Red Sox too!"